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3-4 Oct 2011: Attachment-Focused Parenting and Family Therapy

Conference, Tampere Hall, 3-4 October, 2011
Attachment-Focused Parenting and Family Therapy
Effective Help for Young People and their Parents/Carers Suffering from Attachment Problems

Daniel A. Hughes, USA

The second of PT-Publishing's two 10-year jubilee conferences, this conference focuses on how to give the bond of attachment and its treatment a top priority when aiming to help children and adolescents with attachment problems, together with their families and carers. This will essentially improve the effectiveness of the treatment. A great deal of problems and disorders are caused by disturbances in primary attachment relationships. These disturbances keep on living their own life and may never be effectively brought into the focus of the treatment. This way, a lot of time and growth potential is wasted and parents/carers feel that they lack the help they need. Building the bonds of attachment to parents or foster carers is the top priority over everything else! Thus, why not try to repair the damages in the very relationships of the everyday? Parents and carers are the key persons in this work because their attachment patterns and therapeutic every-day life create the way a child or an adolescent engages in an emotional relationship. This work can only be done together with the joint parties in an attachment relationship, that is, the child or adolescent and the adult taking care of him or her. This is because healing only takes place interactively within an attachment relationship. The conference gives direct tools for this work.

Targeted at those interested in attachment-focused treatment for children and adolescents who suffer from various mental problems related to insecure attachment models; professionals in family guidance, child protection, foster care, psychiatric care, and others.

Object of the conference is to 1) improve attendees’ ability to help families and foster carers struggling with the variety of problems related to insecure attachment relationship, 2) give attendees a basic view on how to help children and adolescents by the means of family therapy, utilizing the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, DDP®, to support attachment-focused parenting and to discover a new emotional contact between children or adolescents and their close ones. Within the emotional bond that aims at repairing the attachment relationship, a new kind of communication and gradual healing becomes possible. It is all about interactions within a network of relations created by the individual, the family, and the therapeutic relationship.


Mon, 3 Oct 2011  |  How does parenting affect attachment?

8.30–9.15 Registration and coffee
9.15–9.45 Opening
Pirjo Tuovila, Special Psychologist, PsL
9.45–10.45 Understanding attachment and childhood trauma
Dr. Daniel Hughes
10.45–11.00 Break
11.00–12.00 Intersubjectivity and its three components
12.00–13.00 Lunch
13.00–14.30 Family therapy and parents’ attachment history
14.30–15.00 Break
15.00–16.30 The central therapeutic stance , PLACE, and affective-reflective dialogue

Tue, 4 Oct 2011  |  Manifestation of shame and reducing it

8.30–9.30 Shame as basic experience
Dr. Daniel Hughes
9.30–10.00 Break
10.00–11.15 Relationship breaks and repair
11.15–12.15 Lunch
12.15–13.30 Reducing attachment resistance in treatment and at home
13.30–14.00 Coffee
14.00–15.15 Exploring and resolving childhood trauma
15.15–15.30 Concluding remarks

Program includes authentic video recordings.

Excellent simultaneous interpreting by Kimmo Absetz.

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